I'm a photographer on a hobby level. I do this most for fun. I hope people will like it.

Here you can read about me and the stuff i us. 

Martin Abramson Lazo is my name. Lives in Stockholm , Vällingby.


This is just a hoppy of mine. 

I started this on a Monday 1 september 2015 and i hope to still do this for a long time.

Before i did LIVE-TV on youtube but i always wanted to try this. 


I work for a Table tennis club called Ängby SK in Stockholm. So many pictures are from those players.


The things i us is a NIKON D3300 + 18-55 VR II with a LOWERPRO ZOOM 50 AW II. The program i us for the picture are GIMP 2.8. 


I will try to see if i can take this a little farther. If you also want to see my LIVE-TV you can find my chanal on this website. Hope to here from you! send me feedback if you want.


If you maby want some picture just contact me and we can discuss it.